Fearless Creativity

Believe me, it took me many years to become the fearless creator I am today. And when I realized how to do it, I giggled because the answer is always simple!

Step 1 – It’s all play!
When you were a child you never gave a care which pencil you would use for which squiggle. You just grabbed the pencil and leaped. Isn’t it time you play like that again?

Step 2 – Create for yourself
When you start creating: tell your mind this is just for your eyes. That shuts fear up fast! And then when your art is finished, you can always stick out your tongue at fear, and share it with the world anyway.

Step 3 – Create, one breath at a time
Every time fear sneaks in, drop your pen or brush and take a deep breath, then breathe out as you smile. Take another deep breath and pick up your pen or brush again. Keep that smile going, and focus on your breath.

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