It is quite natural to fear. For instance when you see a lion and wonder if you might be it’s next meal.

This fear is completely misplaced when the lion is behind a tall fence in a zoo.

Yet that is what most of the fears we feel on a daily basis are, fears for something that really isn’t a threat.

Fears came to life when you were a little boy or girl, and they stick to you like glue. They also change form. A fear of standing in front of the classroom to read your words out loud may turn into a fear of sharing what you’ve written. Or the laughter of the other kids in class when you made an error makes you afraid to post your writing for critique.

It’s why I have come up with a new acronym for fear: Former Emotions Appearing RecentThe good news is that you can heal them by recognizing that they are old emotions.

  • The next time you are afraid someone will reject your story, stop and examine where that fear comes from.
  • The next time you shake at the sight of a blank page, figure out why you are so afraid of your imagination.
  • The next time you feel anxious when you want to submit a story, ask yourself what fear holds your back.

The best way of beating fears is to break straight through them.


By doing what you fear. By submitting like mad, and not caring whether it will be rejected, because there are plenty other markets. By writing the first word and then the second on that blank page.

And if fear still keeps you in a chokehold, get out a piece of paper, and draw, or doodle words, or play hangman. Because playing your way through your fears gives you room to do what you are passionate about!

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