everything is related to writing

One of the most awesome aspects of being a writer is that everything becomes related to writing. Everything I see, hear, touch or experience can be an inspiration to use in my novel.

That is one of the reasons my office, my favorite writing place, is surrounded by inspiration. I don’t do sparse. I love to sit in here and look at all the things on top of my desk or doodle something in one of my notebooks, using the pens of many colors that live in one of my drawers. All this and more makes my office a space for inspiration and creativity.

For me, writing has to be playful. If I don’t focus on making my writing time like that, I invite in the gremlins called fear and doubt and writer’s block. They have been around me long enough. Now I just write.

Sometimes I do get stuck though, for instance when I wonder where the story wants to be taken next, one of the downsides of writing by the seat of my pants.

I have enough inspiration surrounding me in my office to get myself into finding that next step. Thanks to my office, I’ve learned that any creative expression can get me back to writing. The best ideas for a story jump into my head when I am creating something entirely different. And that can be anything. The best are doodling and crochet.

But ideas can strike anywhere. As I said before, everything is an inspiration. That is why I think that being a writer must be quite tedious for the other humans in our lives. There have been countless moments of me going, “That is a great idea!” and then maniacally searching for a piece of paper or my phone to jot down the idea. Sometimes I can get so lost in these thoughts that it takes a lot of patience for someone else to get me in the here and now.

This is especially worse when I am writing a novel. My husband often complains I forget things the moment he says them to me. I then invariably say, “Sorry, darling, I have novelbrain, my brain is exclusively occupied by characters. What were you saying?”

Of course, I often don’t hear him when he repeats it either 🙂

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