energetic winter

It is still the heart of winter, yet you can see new light emerge. The days get longer again, and nature slowly begins its preparations for spring.

And yet, it is still the heart of winter. Cold, snow, rain, bare branches.

This used to be a time for humans where they were cooped up inside their homes, lived a quiet life, and gathered energy so they could work through summer. We don’t have a society like that anymore and that leaves a lot of people in a state of fatigue and low energy levels.

Here’s how you can start restoring your energy, even before winter is done.

  • Eat healthyfood. Greens are a natural source of energy for instance.
  • Sleep a lot. Winter is a time for hibernation, so be like a bear and sleep a couple hours more than usual each night.
  • Relax in the evenings. Just be like our ancestors and curl up with a book or do something else that relaxes you.
  • Meditate on the return of light. Just imagine a big sun shining over your head.
  • Go out in the daytime. When the sun shines, go out and raise your face into the light.

Here’s to an energetic winter!

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