In the past, I used to fret about backups all the time since I lost a couple of stories through corrupted files and other nastiness.

Now I play with my writing, but I still make sure that there are backups. I don’t mess with backup disks though, or USB sticks or whatever. All my writing is stored in my Dropbox

It is an online file storage system. So easy to use! I have it on both my computers and on my phone, and the moment I edit something on one place, it gets synchronized to the other places the moment I sign in there. That way I always work on the most recent file, no matter where.

Best of all, Dropbox is free, with 2 GB storage. Plenty of space for your documents 

Here is how to use it:

Step 1:
Install Dropbox
You can install the Dropbox client in windows/mac/(Ubuntu) Linux

Step 2:
Sign up for an account
Get a very obscure password that is easy to remember. I use LastPass to generate my unique passwords.

Step 3
Set up your Dropbox folder, and copy/move all your current writing projects into it
Dropbox will synchronize your document to the web, and also keeps a revision history for every file. When you work offline on a file, the changes get synchronized the moment you have connected again. This is also very useful if you mucked up a version, you can always restore a previous one through the website.

And that’s the basics. From now on all your writing projects are safe. You can work on like you used to do (with your files in another directory than usual, though.

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