Digital Bullet Journaling

I keep my BuJo on paper most of the time, but sometimes I need more structure and more play.

That is where my digital bullet journal comes in. I keep it in Metamoji note. It is just fantastic. I have so many things in there, from a quotes notebook to a book per month to specific diaries and books filled with information.

I also put in PDF’s I’ve downloaded as part of a course or something and then take notes right inside the PDF.

I work in Metamoji Note, both on my iPad and my iPhone, using some amazing and very cheap styluses, one I keep in my bag, the other on the bedside table.

The funny thing is that while my paper bullet journal is very utilitarian, my digital one is colourful and playful. I use a lot of digital stickers I found on Etsy mostly and add pictures I posted on IG etc.

I also tend to regular journal in Metamoji, handwriting with my stylus. I’m not really proficient at it, so sometimes my handwriting is completely illegible, but I like it 🙂

The thing I love the most about digital bullet journaling is the freedom it gives me. I am so playful in it, and it always makes me so happy to play. I think that is the main reason that one of these days I just might ditch paper altogether and embrace the digital in full 🙂

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