Creating steps for projects

I have a list of ideas in my bullet journal of things I would like to publish/create for my Etsy store. That list has been in there for a while, and I have done nothing to bring it into the world.

I used to tell myself that it is because I am scared to do them, or because I am a procrastinator.

Yet again, when I write something creative on my daily to-do list, like publish a blog, then I am succeeding.

This lead to this week’s duh moment: in order for me to create and publish my projects, I need steps.

So over the coming days/weeks, I will make pages for each of the projects I want to bring into the world, and write down each step. Then every day, I will pick one of those steps from the lists and add them to the daily list.

I will keep you all posted on my progress, and I will post my steps for one of my projects next week as inspiration.

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