Death, self promotion and the fridge

It’s time to come clean: I suck at self promotion. I have published two poetry books this year, and there is a big chance you never heard of them. I wrote about them once or twice and then just stopped. Why? Fear of course. I may play with my writing, but playing with self promoting wasn’t quite there yet.

Yesterday, while I was listening to a wonderful concert by Sarah Blasko (go check her out, she is awesome) I got the title for this post, and the clear message: “when you are dead, you can stop promoting your work, otherwise just be proud of what you did, girl.”

The fridge

Then I thought of an idea for a post that jumped into my head earlier this week. Remember how as children you got to put your artwork on the fridge, for everyone to see? Remember the proud feeling you got when you saw it? When you got praised for it?

In stead of thinking and fretting over self promotion, and not doing it, I am here to create a fridge for everyone to promote themselves on, and be proud of what they did!

It’s here, ready and waiting for you to be proud of what you have made. What do you put on the fridge? It can be anything creative. Don’t be afraid and put your work on display! I might even turn this into a monthly blogfest sort of thing!

And now, without further ado, but with clattering teeth, my additions to the fridge:

Prolonged Farewell, my kindle poetry book about my journey from denial to acceptance with my father’s Alzheimer’s.

Abandoned Footsteps , my handmade miniature poetry book. Available in a rainbow of colours. Just click the link for more info.

Now it’s up to you! What do you put on the fridge?

PS yes, I post this at 5 am. Started writing at 4. I guess this post just had to be written and sleep can come later. Apparently.

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