Dare to fail mightily

I was watching a YouTube video just now, an interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson and he said something that made me grab my journal and write these words.

He said this: “people who succeed are the people who have failed mightily.”

I have started to make failure my driving creative force, because when I fail, I act. I do. I create. I make things. That’s awesome.

Another benefit: every time I fail at something, I learn something new. My art/junk/scrap journals are all about experimenting and failure.

If an experiment has failed I can always paste something else over it.

My digital art often starts with failed photography. It’s already failed so I just play with it. I play with apps, settings and filters and then, more often than not, I gasp at the results.

So, whatdo you want to learn? What do you mightily want to fail at?

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