Three Simple Steps: cure dissatisfaction

I’ve been musing about what’s keeping people from feeling more bliss in their life. Is it lack of love? Of compassion? I do believe that is a big reason, but there is another aspect: it’s dissatisfaction.

People aren’t satisfied with their lives, with their jobs, with the economy, with a lot of other things, and they go through life feeling out of sorts. Some people take it out on others, you can see that on the world’s motorways every single day. Here are some simple tips/steps you can follow to feel more satisfied with your life.

Step 1 – Be aware

Imagine someone walking up to you. The corners of his mouth are turned down, his hands are deep in his pocket, he walks with his shoulders forward. Is this someone whom you would greet with a smile? Or is this someone whom you would walk around, afraid he would pull his fist out of his pocket and whack you over the head?

You radiate every emotion you are having, and dissatisfaction is written on everyone’s face, everyone’s body. With that posture you aren’t very inviting to other people. Stand up straight, and welcome each and every day with a smile.

Step 2 – Count your blessings

People who aren’t satisfied usually focus on what they don’t have, what they wish they have, the one thing that will make them happy once they have it (Of course the moment they have it, they have lost interest, and go for the next thing that will make them ecstatic). In stead, focus on what you have.

Focus on the good that is in your life, big and small. Are you healthy? Smile and be satisfied. Do you have a great meal on the table several times a day? Smile and be satisfied. Make a list of all the blessings, great and small in your life. Next time you’re dissatisfied, look at that list, and remind yourself of all that’s good in your life.

Step 3 – Exercise daily

Every day, write a list of five things you are grateful for that day. It can be small, someone smiling at you, writing 500 words. reading something really good. Be grateful for the gifts you receive, and you will see that every moment of every day is a gift. Also, choose one person in your life you will do something good for. It doesn’t have to be something big. Even offering to get a co-worker coffee, or to give someone you love a hug brightens both your day and theirs. Share more of your unique self.

I have no doubt that I will return to this topic more often. Please write in any question you might have, so I can use it for other posts.

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