Creating space for writing

It is late in the day as I write this post. I have been thinking about a post about writing all day, but nothing came to mind. I could panic but I have learned to trust that inspiration always comes. Always.

I went down to my office earlier today and started to tidy. Declutter. Toss things in the bin. Tear up old documents, recycling, putting away old, filled up journals.

And then this thought popped up in my head, “I am creating space for writing!”

I pondered this thought while I put some new washi tape in my drawer, and then all of a sudden I had to grab my MacBook to write this.

It is true. I needed to create space for writing. The clutter in my office was representative of the clutter in my head. I needed to move clutter around in my office to get to this thought and this blog post.

I thought about other times where I was so very stuck in writing, only to get writing again after I decluttered my office, or did other things to create space within.

I always find the words.

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