I have tangled up my yarnAnd calmly pull the threadTo remove the knotOne twist at a time My mind wondersAimlesslyWhy I am so calmJust taking my timeTo untangle the yarnSuddenly having patienceThe kind of thing I never had I don’t know the answerI just know thatI am so calm whenIRead More →

When I feel sad or lonelyOr enraged with the worldI immediately turn toThe one thing that heals meMy creativity I open my art journalPaint swirls of colorPlay with glue and paperUntil my heart is wide openAnd a smile glows on my face I knit, pick up my latest sockAnd rememberRead More →

I am doing something I haven’t done before, and it is pure delight. I am playing with yarn and fabric, turning black markings into beautiful stitches, learning so many techniques as I play. This is connecting me with my child self who hated the embroidering she had to do atRead More →

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how everything can be an inspiration. Today’s post is an example of that. Below is a screenshot I made during the week of one of my Duolingo lessons. I immediately knew that it could become a blog post. I snapped a screenshot andRead More →

One of my most joyful tasks every week is emptying out my Evernote inbox. During the week I fill my inbox with screenshots, pictures, quick little notes, things that happen that might inspire a future blog post etc. I divide the posts over the notebooks I have, ideas for blogRead More →

Last week I wrote about my quest to reconnect with my creative joys and I made an effort to doodle and play more. I am happy to report that it worked and I feel SO much better! I have made doodles and shared them, wrote lots of poetry and IRead More →