How chronic pain influences my bullet journal

Yesterday I had a pain day. I rested most of the day, foot up in a comfortable position.

And by the end of the day I felt like total crap. I was depressed, felt useless and all that other crap.

This morning I woke up with a little less pain and I resolved to, instead of allowing thoughts to pummel into me, to just start again.

I opened my bullet journal to a new page, wrote my daily tasks, set some new goals for the week and within moments I felt better.

a new page in my bullet journal
Turning the page

Only then I turned to the previous page. I wrote about yesterday and why I didn’t do much before closing it out as I usually do, with gratitude.

That simple act of starting again usually is what I need to move myself into a more positive mindset.

Nothing has really changed, I am still in pain and I still have my other physical issues, but simply focusing on setting up my bullet journal for the day was enough to make me feel better.

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