Blogging with Evernote

This post falls under the fun category of Write Tuesday. Goes to show I am a major nerd I guess 😉

Evernote has been my constant companion for years. I use it for everything that usually requires a piece of paper, from packing lists to submission tracker to all sorts of information to research for books.

Evernote works with notebooks, these are folders on a specific topic that you can add notes to. I have a lot of notebooks, most of them are in a stack, that means I can collapse it and keep everything at least a little bit organized.

I thought it would be good to write a post on how I use Evernote for my blog. I have two notebooks that I use for my blog: 4blogs and ready2pub.

I have been blogging for years and years, and many of the blogs I used to write on are now dead. I have saved the content, though, and sometimes that content appears here, rewritten. Each of the old blog posts is in their own notes in my 4blogs notebook. I rewrite them (sometimes only use the original idea), add some pictures that I can use in the post and then move the ready2pub notebook.

When I am completely lost on what to post on any given day, I just go to my ready2pub folder and have a post ready to go out in minutes.

I also use 4blogs for ideas I get for a blog post. I have aniPhone so I can post those ideas wherever I am (and gleefully giggle while I do that). Sometimes the idea comes so completely that I can move it over to my blog straight away, sometimes it is just a line or two that I have to work on later.

When I have time to spare, or when I get hit with the rest of the blog post for an idea I had before, I head into the folder and complete the ideas I have. This all helps to fill up my ready2pub folder rapidly.

I know I could do this all with a folder on myhard disk, but the great advantage ofEvernoteis that I have everything in one place, and it has a great search function, all on the same screen, so there is less chance for me to get distracted 😉

PS My nephew is coming over to visit me this week, so I have no idea about blog posts. Given how everything went last week, I guess you should hear a lot from me 😀

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