Just do it!

Don’t hesitate, just take the leap and GO


These are my writing-related insecurities.

Stop self-sabotaging

Today I put on a new pair of pants, and noticed it was tight. In a rush I realized why. I have been sabotaging myself again with food. For the past couple months I have been sticking to a diet I love. Soups in the afternoon, fruit shakes in the morning, with added fibers. Healthy dinners in the evening and …


In the past, I used to fret about backups all the time since I lost a couple of stories through corrupted files and other nastiness. Now I play with my writing, but I still make sure that there are backups. I don’t mess with backup disks though, or USB sticks or whatever. All my writing is stored in my Dropbox …

On being a poet

Where I dive into the joys of being a poet.

energetic winter

It is still the heart of winter, yet you can see new light emerge. The days get longer again, and nature slowly begins its preparations for spring. And yet, it is still the heart of winter. Cold, snow, rain, bare branches. This used to be a time for humans where they were cooped up inside their homes, lived a quiet …


what will you no longer leave unwritten?


On being a writer and exposing your sensitive parts