Write like a jigsaw

You don’t have to write a book cover to cover, from A to Z, but you can write it in sections too!

Write like an actor

Watching actors at work gave me great inspiration for my writing

Put up a Do Not Disturb sign

When it comes to writing, you sometimes have to put up a do-not-disturb sign on your social media

You are not your fears

Deep within me are several Sylvia’s who still live in fear. I’m not them.

Someday is now

Some fierce inspiration to get you to WRITE

Reward yourself!

As a writer, sometimes you need to set up rewards to keep writing


When it comes to writing, sometimes it’s fun to explore outside of your favourite genres. Or is it?


As a writer, having excellent observation skills is key!

Write through a crisis

How writing helped me through a family crisis, and how writing in turn helped me.

Just do it!

Don’t hesitate, just take the leap and GO