Always find ways to be grateful

Over the past years, I have cultivated a habit of gratitude. It has become a second nature to me, I don’t need to write a list of things I am grateful of to get into that mind space.

I have found that there are countless ways it helps me, and one of the ways is with my physical issues.

I have written about my physical issues several times —including last week on Sunday— so I won’t get into them.

What I will get into is the reason for writing this blog post.

I’ve injured my foot while in Paris last weekend, and as of the moment of writing this, I am sitting with my leg up and resting it as good as possible.

I am not doing much, just goofing around on my laptop/iPad/phone and watching things, yet I am filled with SO much gratitude.

I am not frustrated or anything, just grateful that I get to sit here writing with a cat snoring next to me and with food in my belly. I am so grateful for the existence of tea, and I have just poured myself a fresh cup to empty after I finish writing this post.

In this way, gratitude, not frustration, is my driving force for healing.

It makes for a much happier existence, and many delightful moments throughout the day. Yes, my foot hurts, yes, it keeps me from doing yoga, but it doesn’t keep me from doing my work.

I am a very lucky woman!

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