About me

Hi, I’m Sylvia van Bruggen, I’m married to Marco and owned by two cats.

I’m a poet, author, blogger and creative jane-of-all-trades. 

I’ve self-published several books, and am hard at work to add at least 3 titles to my line-up over the next year or so.

I’m passionate about finding and living your (creative) joys, about Play, and living my passion: writing.

In the past couple of years, I’ve slowly lost my knack for joy due to a severe chronic pain flaring up. I didn’t write much, I didn’t create much. I was desperate to reclaim my (creative) Joy, I chose Joy as my word of the year for 2020,.

I started to blog on Leap to Joy as a part of that quest.

I’m now back here, because through these past months, I’ve found my writing mojo again. I’m working on a memoir, on a new journal and a poetry book.

And I can’t wait to start editing a novel I wrote back in 2014.

I’m back, I’m writing, and I’m happier than I’ve been in a LONG time!