A day per page, simple as that

I have a bullet journal system that doesn’t change, no matter what medium I play in.

At the moment, my bullet journal is in an A6 Muji notebook. It can also be in a Filofax pocket or a Traveller’s notebook in passport size.

My system is simple and messy, I don’t usually do my best to write neat, mostly it’s filled with scribbles, and doodles if I feel like it 🙂

I add my tasks, either logging them after I’ve already done them, or I schedule them during my morning bullet journal session. I also add small journal entries at times, when something wonderful has happened or if I want to share something I am proud of.

And then in the evening I always close out with a gratitude log of three items.

After that I start the page for the next day, and move my weekly habit tracker to the page opposite the one of the next day.

It’s a simple but effective system. It’s also the only thing that works for me, weekly and monthly calendars are just too overwhelming, as are larger journals, like the much used A5 size. I have a google calendar for that, and add appointments to my bullet journal when I need to 🙂

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