Stay hydrated

How you can turn taking a sip of water into a mindful exercise.


Chair Yoga

Today’s tip for #nanowrimo is something simple and energising for writing breaks: chair yoga.

Change your mood

A top tip for when you hate the novel you’re writing.

Take a walk

Need inspiration to write? Head outside and take a walk!

Learn to say no

In today’s 30 days of nan care I challenge you to say no.

Play with your writing

Before you get totally bored with your novel writing, change how where or when you write

Stay warm

In this installment of my month long series on self care and writing, I share how I stay warm while writing.

Plan your days

Welcome to day one of 30 days of NaNo care, my series on how to care of yourself and your writing during NaNoWriMo. First up: planning.