Really sad circumstances kept me from writing anything this weekend, but on Monday morning I wrote three blog posts in one go to catch up. Yesterday, I didn’t feel like posting a blog, but I bet that somewhere along the week, a post will appear. I don’t do that becauseRead More →

I have some very unhealthy habits. One of those habits is watching way too much TV, especially now I am in recovery mode, and using meds that make me feel wobbly inside. And reading falls by the wayside. Add to that the problem that my meds make my mind frazzled,Read More →

I did something really scary yesterday, I trashed a lot of title-only documents in Evernote. They lived in the blog folder for ages. They had a vague title and that was it. They didn’t come with a list of bullet points to guide the writing of the post. They wereRead More →

I am all over the place with my reading habits these past weeks. All over the place meaning: not doing a very good job. I have finished two books, one of them being a really short one. That is just abysmal. The reason is pain. I have written about theRead More →