Last year, I started to learn French, using the Duolingo app. I started the challenge because I wanted to read one of my favorite books in its original language: Le Petit Prince. I’ve had a year of French at school, but all that knowledge was far away from my brain.Read More →

I wrote the poem below on Monday, in the wee hours of the morning. Moments after I posted it on Instagram I had to write this blog post on the silliness that happened before it went up. I wrote the poem in one go, and then counted the syllables. IRead More →

As a part of my year-long challenge of reading 100 books,  I have also decided to read classics. I am defining the term classics rather broadly, as I have read one of the oldest texts in existence 🙂 Here is the list of challenges and the books I have read,Read More →

This is a post that has lived in my draft folder for a while. I read it again, yesterday and was so moved I decided to share it as is. Yesterday I stood in the bathroom, brushing my teeth. I caught my own glance in the mirror and smiled atRead More →