I have just written a blog post (scheduled for tomorrow) that has been in my head for almost two years. I thought about the idea at several times and tried to write it, but it never came to anything, until today. I wrote it in 10 minutes or less. IRead More →

I have just received this gorgeous edition of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and it made me think about reading books digital or on paper. I started reading the Meditations in an app on my phone and felt I wanted to take notes but also highlight lines and add observations in theRead More →

I have tangled up my yarnAnd calmly pull the threadTo remove the knotOne twist at a time My mind wondersAimlesslyWhy I am so calmJust taking my timeTo untangle the yarnSuddenly having patienceThe kind of thing I never had I don’t know the answerI just know thatI am so calm whenIRead More →

One of the major goals I have set for myself this year is reading 100 books. I have set some side challenges, like participating in the Back to the Classics challenge to keep it even more fun. And oh my gosh, I am having so much fun diving into booksRead More →