For the love of Elfjes

I was looking at some old blog posts and realized something: It has been five years since I’ve discovered Elfjes (small poems consisting of five lines: one word, two words, three words, four words, one word),

I don’t  know how many Elfjes I have written since then. A lot! I wrote them for monthly challenges, randomly on Instagram, I wrote them for blog posts and I have a very rough draft of a book on emotions filled with at least ten of them.

I love to write Elfjes and I find that I can say all I need to say in that form, more so than with haiku’s.

Elfjes are playful and I usually write them in a minute, sometimes two. They often come as several at once, and sometimes I want to write them when I am doing something else, like sitting in the bus or writing on my novel.

Here is one of my favourites, written a couple of years ago:

I hope that when I look back in five years, I have added a lot more elfjes to my collection, and have published a couple of books filled with them.

Are awesome
They teach me
To be concise and

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