So how did I do on my 18 before 2018?

Now 2017 is done, I am back with my final scores on my 18 before 2018 challenge list, which I started in November 2017.

I am colour coding it so I can see which ones I still have to tackle. Green is done, Blue still needs work. Red means I haven’t even begun yet 😀

  1. A beautiful, decluttered office DONE!! It looks so good 🙂 Of course now I have decluttered it, I see even more things that could go 🙂
  2. Take my husband to Disneyland Paris That, alas, isn’t happening this year. We have postponed it to April, or March 😀
  3. A 5 movie date with my husband I call this one done! We have seen 4 movies, but one of them was 3 hours 🙂
  4. Set up my office altar I have gathered some things, but I want to wait to make it until the office is completely decluttered and clean.
  5.  Make movement a priority I have become so aware of it, and eager to move. I run up and down the stairs a lot and dance. Did realise that I needed to alter this one, to “Make movement and rest a priority. Without rest I don’t have the energy to move 🙂
  6. Write about aroma therapy That post is up!
  7. Publish a book of Elfjes and doodles Skipped this one, added it to my list for 2018 🙂 Really didn’t want to rush it!
  8. Make a test set of my oracle deck DONE! And it is fabulous! Blog post = coming soon!
  9. BaCA second draft DONE! Giving it one final read through this month before I send it over to some people to read it/play with it before the final edit happens!
  10. No spend November I was doing SUCH a good job, and then my favourite store had a gigantic sale and I bought some new clothes. On the other hand, if I had waited to buy them this month, they wouldn’t be 50% off. 🙂 So, I call this one done anyway XD
  11. Surprise my husband for his birthday DONE! He was really happy with the gifts 🙂
  12. Win NaNoWriMo DONE! It was a bit of a cheat-win as I edited my novel and counted half of the text of each chapter as new words, but on the other hand, I also wrote a lot of blog posts 🙂
  13. Pick a word of the year 2018 DONE! It was the word I had in my mind. I was nudged on several fronts one day that this was my word, so I picked it and scheduled the post.
  14. Blog daily in November DONE! It was so much fun that I decided to continue with it this month.
  15. Make my t-shirt shop I want a store that sells in both the US and EU, and has cheap shipping to both. I will continue this search this year!
  16. Learn to play Radiohead’s Creep Also still ongoing. Learning the lyrics now 🙂
  17. Finish reading 52 books before the end of the year DONE! Ended with 58. This year I want to read 100 books 🙂
  18. Finish my current art journal and film it for Youtube Haven’t finished my art journal, do intend to post a short peek at it on Instagram soon 🙂

The end tally
not done: 2
in progress: 3
done: 13!

You will find some of the unfinished ones in my goals for the first 3 months of 2018 list, which I will post shortly 🙂

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