Badly drawn bear

A couple of years ago I started to doodle the teddy bear that has been with me ever since I was two years old. It’s a gorgeous bear. He looks completely disheveled. Has lost both ears and one eye. To me, he still is a gentleman.

I thought of how I sucked at drawing him, but how I loved to do it at the same time.

In one session i started to draw my bear with ears and both eyes. Suddenly it wasn’t my bear anymore, he became something bigger, as I scribbled some inspiring words on creativity that could accompany the doodles.

Badly Drawn Bear was born (first under the title: lessons from my bear because I thought the badly drawn part was a bit self defeating).

The name fits though. The meaning behind it is that making doodles isn’t about perfection. Making doodles is about the joy of creating, and about being unafraid to share what you did, no matter how badly drawn.

I share most of the doodles I make on Instragram, sometimes I am too hesitant (read: afraid) to post it. Sometimes I feel the message is too personal or too straightforward/potty mouthed to share 🙂

Accompanying this post is the one I doodled just now.

I am so grateful for Badly drawn bear. Re-reading the small love notes to creativity is always inspiring.

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