Gratitude month!

Heart centered
Joy increasing habit
Every day I am

It is December and that means it’s gratitude month on my blog! I have been doing this for several years.

I love gratitude month, it helps me focus on what is good in my life. Throughout the month I will share what I am grateful for and inspire you to experience more gratitude in your life.

For me, gratitude is a daily practice. I write a list of five things that I am grateful for in my journal. This habit alone forces me to focus on the small things in life, the little specks of light that make my day better.

Every year I publish a gratitude journal as a free download so you can celebrate gratitude month too! This year it’s a mini book!¬†Click here to download it.

Assembly instructions to make your own mini gratitude journal:

If this isn’t clear at all: here is another simplified instruction I found on tumblr

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