The link between creativity and housekeeping

thecreativelifebuttonI need to start off this post with a statement: I, Sylvia van Bruggen, detest housekeeping. It feels like a never-ending task that constantly needs tending. Id rather create all day than do the stupid chores.

But, there is something in housekeeping that benefits my creative output. That truth is that when I do the dishes or when I clean the bathroom, my mind becomes clear as day (aka bored).

I polish the sink and all of a sudden a poem drops in my mind, or I suddenly have the title for the blog post of the day. At other times I get so bored that I work for hours on end on the novel I am editing at the moment.

These chores are really a blessing in a disorganized and dirty disguise. I don’t care.

I do my housekeeping to feed my creativity. That doesn’t mean that I am every going to enjoy it though πŸ˜‡

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  1. Hi Sylvia … don’t we all – but sometimes we can feel heartened by a big clean … or even a small necessary one -so agree our thoughts can wander to other realms – cheers Hilary

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