Finding Stillness – Reflection

This is a crosspost from a Simple Blissful Life. It is one of the posts in my continuing series on Finding Stillness, my ways of becoming still within within without meditating. Follow this tag to read the other posts.

My yearlong journey into finding my inner stillness is nearing its completion, and I felt it was about time to write something about the effect on my life, so far.

It has helped me so much. And, strange enough, not by turning me into an avid meditator. Meditation still is one of the aggravating acts for me. The moment I sit still, stillness is nowhere to be found.

I have found stillness in other parts of my life.

I have found it in knitting, writing, doing the dishes, cooking, listening to music. I have found it in taking daily walks.

Stillness is everywhere.

If I hadn’t broadened my mind to that fact, I wouldn’t have been where I am now.

Maybe one day, my writer’s brain can shut up enough for me to sit still and meditate.

I do know, deep within, that I have found my stillness.

I hope you find yours.


PS I am pondering turning this journey into a book, with expanded editions of the posts I wrote on here, pictures and (bullet-)journal entries.

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