This is a crosspost from a Simple Blissful Life. It is one of the posts in my continuing series on Finding Stillness, my ways of becoming still within within without meditating. Follow the tag to read the other posts.

It is early Sunday morning and I have no idea what I will write for today. A lot of my blog posts start this way, with a certainty that my words will show up.

There is a kind of faith that comes with it, too. A faith in my muses and in my writing.
And when the words start to show up, tentatively, I breathe deeply and stillness sets into my bones.

The whole world fades, my thoughts drift away and all that exists is the words that want to be written.

My fingers move, my eyes inspect each word and then, inevitably, my smile grows.
I finish writing, take a couple of breaths, drink some water to replenish my suddenly parched body.

I never know how long it takes to write posts this way. Is it ten minutes? Thirty?

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is Stillness. Ali that matters is the words and the gratitude that follows.

All that matters is how blessed I feel, every time I get to write.


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