Finding Stillness – my journey

Finding Stillness is a weekly series on ways I find stillness without meditating. Follow the tag to read the other posts.

This week, I have a poem for you 🙂

It is early Sunday evening, I’m in bed
The cat snores beside me as I work
Her purrs so soft and gentle that I only hear them
When my ear is close to her

My bullet journal is closed for now,
Filled with quick scribbled updates
Plans for tomorrow are still percolating
Waiting for the day closing later in the night

On the nightstand stands a mug with tea
My favorite at the moment, simple green
Waiting to nourish my body and
Make me smile with contentment as I drink

Even though I am not feeling well
I am calm inside, and happy
I look at all I did today despite the feelings
And am proudly loving myself for it

I feel that, at least part of me
No longer seeks stillness, that
Between the lines of my day
It resides, waiting to be seen

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