Sometimes when I tidy up, I create chaos. Everything is in a state of flux around me and everything I do, adds to the chaos.

When someone else enters the room, they say, “I thought you were tidying up!”

And I am, although the chaos doesn’t say that.

What says that, is the fact that there are stacks and bags for various purposes and all sorts of things like that.

The problem with chaos, however, is stopping half way through the work.

When you come back, it’s hard to remember what each stack or bag is. So you make more chaos to make sense of the chaos and that makes the decluttering process last way longer than intended.

This is the reason why my office is in a constant state of disarray. That’s not helped by the fact that I still collect stuff all over the house that needs to find their home in the office.

The solution? I don’t know yet. I will keep you posted 🙂


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