Checking in

When you are on a journey to simplicity, having moments where you just sit down and check in with yourself is essential.

Just taking time to check in with yourself on how you are feeling with letting go of a lot of things.

It is also a good time to see if your list of joyful essentials is still valid. This list contains all the things that you need to keep creating what you love.

For me, my art supplies are my joyful essentials, but, not all art supplies are created equal. Some watercolours that I hardly reach for, may be on the nomination to get decluttered in the next round.

Checking in like this, really helps you keep the joy, and helps you see what needs to be decluttered.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself with your check-in.

  • How am I doing? What do I still need to do in each room/for each area of my life?
  • What do I need to tackle next? What can I move to a later date?
  • Where do I store what? Can I update my home list?
  • How am I doing with each room? Do I feel the intent that this room needs to have for me?
  • How am I doing with my joyful essentials? Is my list up to date?

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