Visualise your room

This idea suddenly leaped out at me this morning, and I had to grab my laptop to write it out when it percolated a little bit more.

I have tried it out myself, and it works like a charm!

What you need to do:

  • Sit in a room in your house that needs decluttering.
  • Look around the whole room, and close your eyes.
  • Picture the room in your mind’s eye.
  • What do you see? Do you see the chair you sit on? The table? The curtains?
  • Open your eyes. Look around the room.
    • What didn’t you see when you pictured the room?
    • What did you see what isn’t there yet?
  • Make a plan!
    • This is the most exciting part! Write down your experiences during the visualization first, write down in detail what you saw and didn’t see.
    • Then write a to do list, bringing your room towards the vision you have

Of course, you will open your eyes and see something that needs to be in the room you are in, but you didn’t visualize it.

Could it be that the item belongs in another room? Or is it something that you have grown so accustomed to that it is more of a logical conclusion that the item belongs in the room.

For me, one of those items is the living room table. When I visualized the room, I didn’t see the table, which is one of my favorite spots to sit at. There was nothing else in its place, so the table stays put šŸ™‚

Don’t start moving things right away! First complete your vision for your house and then tinker with your plans until it is perfect just for you šŸ™‚

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