Make creative messes

All creative work begins as play. The more one plays, the better one works.

Marty Rubin

This morning I doodled the coffee table. For others it is a huge mess, for me, it is creativity at work.

There’s tea, pens, two journals and goodness knows what else 🙂

I am not afraid to make creative messes, I love to doodle random things, to experiment with paints, pens, and crayons, and most of my scrap journals are all marvelous creative messes.

Making creative messes is play. Letting yourself create and not care about the result, is play.

Letting yourself make creative messes is like opening a door within and allowing your inner child to come out and play.

What creative messes will you make?


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  1. Well done … not for me – but it looks what it represents … mine would be awful .. clever … and as you say – the opportunity arises … cheers Hilary

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