Peter never wanted for her to suffer. But she did. At his hands. In a way.
He straightened his tie and shuddered.
He picked up the eulogy he had written for her, and mumbled, “If only I hadn’t been abroad for business, I might have been able to save her… No. I can’t lie…”
He looked in the mirror and for one moment the orange eyes of the beast replaced his blue.
He shuddered, “I am sorry for overstepping my bounds.”
The beast growled, “Behave, human, or your daughter will be next.”
“No! Please!”
The beast smiled in the mirror.

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    1. Hi Hilary, Thanks for your visit!

      The story surprised me, actually 🙂 sometimes a little idea gets taken on a whole new path 🙂 Hope the beast will leave your mind soon 🙂

      Have a great day!

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