Why do I want to buy that?

The other day I bought a tarot deck online, after reading and studying it intensively. When I received the package I opened the box and looked at the cards.

They hit home for me straight away, and continue to do so.

This moment made me think of all the things I have bought in the past, without thinking about the purchase, nor asking myself why, and it made me very sad.

I, however, know that it’s no use getting mad about the past, neither is getting sad. It’s a completely wasted energy. Instead, keep asking yourself: why do I want to buy that?

It’s such an effective question, also to see the underlying emotions. I often want to buy stuff when I feel like crap. And yes, the “high” I get from buying something I like does help, but so does taking a bath, or reading a good book.

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  1. Hi Sylvia. This makes think of how impulsive I can be buying groceries. The old saying 'don't shop when you're hungry' is often true. Or don't buy things when you really need something else, etc. Anyway, sometimes I buy things that aren't good for me or waste some dollars. This can happen easily to me in antique stores. I tend to like other people's junk, I don't know why. Anyway, what you said about the tarot cards struck home. One thing I do is to give myself permission to admit I made a mistake, so I'm getting better. I toss things I never used…or admit I don't need. Does that make sense? Hope you had a nice weekend!

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