The repeat performance

My office is a holy mess.

I had decluttered it first, but then it became ground zero for stuff from the rest of the house, specifically, the garage. I sort stuff in the office, and then put it on a rack in the garage, or toss it, or give it a home somewhere else in the house.

It made me realize something.

You need to have a place for sorting when you declutter, a place where you can just sit with the stuff you have and make decisions, while you clear out other spots in the house. The garage is getting more and more decluttered, the rest of the house is starting to get much better. My office is a holy mess.

But an organized mess. I do have a tendency to toss stuff all over the bed specifically in piles and then sort them through. I have a crate where I toss all the small things I find until it is full and I can sort through it in one go.

Because that is what I have learned from my decluttering process: you need to tackle it in bulk, not one thing at a time. Decluttering in bulk forces me to look at the content of the crate in one go and sort through it ruthlessly.

One thing can make me think: “I can keep that, it’s not in the way.”

A crate full of things forces me to look at it with a discerning eye, and that is a much better approach to decluttering.

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