Z is for zoning out

Oh my gosh! The challenge is done! I am so happy it is finished, and I am SO proud of all the work I have done this month.

It hasn’t been easy, with all sorts of health challenges, but I managed to go from A to Z anyway 🙂

Goes to show how great self-care helps you with doing what you love.

And now, the final day of my challenge posts, and it is a great exercise.

I love to zone out of life, just lie down in bed or on the couch and just drift away. It is delightful to do, and it is great for your brain.

You can use the clouds for that, letting your thoughts drift away with the clouds. You can also meditate to zone out, knit or listen to some relaxing music.

No matter what you do, the goal is lying down, a calm smile on your face, your eyes either on a fixed point in the distance or close.

Wanna zone out with me?

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