W is for Writing

I had another topic in mind for today, but, no matter how hard I try, I can’t write a blog post about walking.

I need to write about writing.

Writing is my passion. A day where I haven’t written anything at all feels like a lost day for me, even when the writing is only for five minutes.

It is my passion.

And in that passion, I need to keep reminding myself of something I have discovered when creativity was the topic du jour in this A to Z journey.

This quote has been with me ever since. It has been my guide, and even on days where I felt really low, I wrote my blog posts and my poetry. I kept journaling and worked on other projects.

And I take better care of myself. Last night, for instance, we were supposed to go to the movies. But, my asthma went haywire during the day and I said I couldn’t go.

It feels like a big bummer because I wouldn’t go see a movie I have been looking forward to for ages.

But I took care of myself. And that is a bloody victory.

So much so, that I am here writing about it, while I was supposed to write about walking 🙂


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