T is for Tea

For me, one of the essential aspects of self-care is tea.

I am an addict, and I usually drink at least a pot of it each day, usually two 😀

My staples at the moment are:

  • Yogi tea licorice
  • Pukka ginger-lemon tea
  • Green tea from Dilmah
  • Yogi Women’s Tea

There is something so comforting in having your tea in a beautiful cup (like this vintage teacup and saucer I bought at a thrift store, together with three similar ones).

And there is nothing better than cupping that cup with both hands and letting your thoughts drift away on the wafts of steam coming from the tea.

And then, taking the first sip cautiously, hoping you won’t burn your lip.

That first sip is invariably followed by a deep sigh of contentment.



7 Replies to “T is for Tea

    1. As a teen, I hated tea, then I discovered, through my aunt, the deliciousness of the various tastes of tea. Now I am a full blown tea-head. 🙂 when in the UK I love the ordinary british tea with milk and some delicious cookies 🙂

  1. God, i was reading your post in a bus and just embarassingly realized that i was actually moving Forward with my lips wide open and eyes closed imagining your words…hi hi

  2. That is a gorgeous cup and saucer! I love vintage finds as well. The right cups (and teapots) make the experience even more delightful. I've just brewed a pot of Vanilla Orchid tea and am enjoying it as I make my way through a selection of A-to-Z posts. So glad I stopped here.

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