Don’t lose the vision

I was in a state of overload this week. I was clearing away stuff that hung around in the bedroom, and it felt like the more I cleared out, the more I felt how messy the bedroom is.

Then, yesterday, I wrote, that the problem with the bedroom is. I keep losing the vision I have for it.

What is the vision? It is the outcome of a simple exercise. It works as follows:

Step 1: Take a notepad and pen through the house with you. Sit in each room and close your eyes.

Step 2: Use your imagination. What could this room be for you? Forget the clutter, think it all away and envision what this room could represent in your life.

Step 3: When the vision is clear, open your eyes, and start scribbling/doodling the room plan.

When I did this for the bedroom, some of these words were: calming, inviting and relaxation.

Nowhere on my list it said it should be a dumping place for a lot of stuff.

So, I am going to get very strict and I am going to start taking things out of the room in one go, tossing things that are not within the vision in a box and I will either find a home for these things or toss them.

And after that, the bedroom is for what it is intended for, and nothing else is allowed to come in. And then I can work on the vision for other rooms in the house. More on those later.

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