P is for Pain


Ever since I wrote down this topic for my A to Z brainstorm, I’ve had a knot in my stomach.


Because it is something I don’t talk about in great detail. I don’t have a reason why, but mostly it is because I have a positive attitude most of the time, and talking about it drags me down.

The topic is pain, in relation to self-care.

I have a constant pain level that I have learned to live with, crazy as it sounds. I know how to avoid flares, and I know how to keep attacks at bay.

Sometimes though, the pain flares, and it can flare badly. It can flare so bad that I crawl into bed and pull the blankets over my head until it stops.

I am learning not to use food to punish my body for being in pain, but the emotions still can run high. I have my daily 5 minutes of whining, where I am allowed to sit and be miserable. After that, I continue watching a favorite show or I play.

I have found that I can do certain paper crafts when I am in pain. I can also still journal, although not as much as I usually do. Some days I completely skip, because I just don’t feel like it. That’s ok too.

Something that has really helped me is to write down what sort of pain day I have. Every morning I sit and feel how my pain levels are, and if the answer is bad, I give myself permission to do nothing useful. I pamper myself, do whatever I want and make sure I am comfy.

And that is the best gift I can give to myself at those times. I have noticed that the better I take care of myself and give my body what it needs, the faster my pain levels are back to normal.

Such a wonderful present. 🙂


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  1. Pain… Can identify with that! I have the bottom four discs out in my back from a sledding accident in 1982. Nothing they want to do till I'm actually not getting around anymore. You're so right. You just learn to live with a certain amount of pain… Good luck!

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