M is for Mindfulness

It is 5 am. I am in bed, staring at my phone screen as I type this post.

I am wide awake. My husband sleeps next to me and I write a blog post.

I am amazed at how light I feel. I am content. I am awake in the middle of the night, still drifting on the edges of a pain flare and I am ok.

This is what mindfulness is, to me. It is self-acceptance. It is living in the moment. It is self-care to the max.

I could let my thoughts drift everywhere. To the past, to the magic moment in the future where I will be able to sleep. But I am here, in the moment, where the night is silent other than the soft snores of my husband and the tapping of my fingers on the phone screen.

I am here. Now. Intensely grateful to be alive.

9 Replies to “M is for Mindfulness

  1. I do love your description of mindfulness. I never really gave it much thought until a year ago (probably because I was too busy flitting from one task to another). I broke both arms and cracked my hip in the span of five months. In other words, I was forced to be still and live in the moment. It is amazing the blessings I missed when I was rushing about…

  2. This is a very familiar scenario to me, a beautiful illustration of mindfulness. I used to fret about not being able to fall quickly asleep due to a restless mind and painful body, now I embrace that slow, quiet ending to the day, a last bit of reading, pondering, praying, and then peaceful sleep.
    Josie Two Shoes

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