K is for kindness

It is early Thursday morning as I write this (I tend to write my A to Z posts on the day itself) and I am in bed with a pain flare.

It’s not a really bad one, and I am waiting for me to finish my breakfast so I can take painkillers (sticking to my energy rules here!).

It is so easy to get mad at pain flares. I have done it all.

Now I am kind to myself.

Kindness means I allow myself to relax in my pillows as I write this, knowing that it doesn’t matter how I write, just that I write.

Kindness allows me to have a bath later because I know that this helps with the flares.

Kindness is gentle and fierce at the same time, especially in self-care. Kindness doesn’t allow self-sabotage and anger.

Kindness is gentle and soft. It allows love in. And that is the topic of tomorrow’s post 🙂

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