H is for Health

I am in bed right now.

I have been to the dentist this morning and now I need to recover.

In the past, this would have seemed ridiculous to me. To stay in bed during the day was akin to being a sloth. Now I know that when I allow myself rest when needed, I allow myself better health.

And then, maybe in a couple of hours, when the sedation is out of my system and I feel like myself again, I will head out and run the mile-long list of errands in my bullet journal.

Or not.

Caring for myself and caring for my health means that I am in close contact with my body. That I know what I need when I need it and that I do whatever it takes to feel optimum health.

For now, I will have some juice and some tea, and recline in the pillows, because that is what my body needs right now.

And when it comes to self-care, my body is the boss, no matter how much my mind shouts that I need to do something useful.

2 Replies to “H is for Health

  1. I think you're really smart to take care of yourself in this way. We often go without sleep thinking that's the best thing if we have a lot to do but with proper rest we not only are healthier we are more productive. Sleep is also important because that is the time when our body does all of its maintenance. Read this somewhere and always try to remember when my body starts feeling sluggish.

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