F is for Food

Oh boy, this is a biggie.

For many years, food has been a struggle for me. I craved so many things that were bad for my body and that left me, as you can imagine, with little energy.

I used food to punish my body when I was in pain and I used food to stress out over and to get mad at myself about.

Nowadays, I am doing pretty good with food. I have dumped almost all refined sugars out of my menu, other than the occasional cookie, I have smoothies every morning and veggie smoothies every afternoon (to counter the afternoon dip).

And I am tasting things anew again. Dates are unbelievably sweet for me now, fruit smoothies taste better than anything I have ever had and don’t even get me started on sweet potatoes 🙂

And willpower doesn’t even come into question. I always thought it was one of the factors in my issues with food during the years, the lack of willpower.

The true power behind the desire to only eat healthy foods is love for myself and for my body in particular.

And that realization brings me to tears.

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