D is for Daring

During the prep for A to Z, I had so many ideas for my D post, but I am sticking with this one unless another topic shouts louder before I hit post 😀

When it comes to self-care, daring is not a word that I would associate with it.

Yet to dare to do good for yourself is something that I struggle with greatly. I have often thought that people would think of me as selfish when I do so.

I have gone out of my way to keep appointments, while good self-care would have meant I would have said no.

Daring to take good care of yourself may mean you hurt others in the process, because you may have to cancel appointments. There is no way around it.

But having to leave due to physical issues about halfway through an appointment is also not helping you or the other very much. I have experienced that very recently and it sucks.

The good news is that if you dare to take better care of yourself, your body usually responds in kind, and then sometimes, you suddenly feel better, and you suddenly find you have more energy than you thought you had.

I have experienced that yesterday when I walked all the way through Amsterdam back to the station because I had plenty energy.

And that is the best present ever!


11 Replies to “D is for Daring

  1. When I first insisted on exercising after dinner, my kids put up a big fuss–for the first three days. Then it became part of the family routine. I'm glad I stuck to my guns.

  2. Be daring – why not? Walking for exercise is one of the best exercises we can do, and our bodies crave exercise. Why not take care of ourselves before we try to take care of others? Thank you for visiting my blog; happy A to Z'ing! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

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