A is for Allow

Happy A to Z challenge everyone! I always am excited to head into this wonderful challenge.

Here we goooooo!!!

When it comes to self-care, it is key to allow yourself to give you the best and to let go of old, negative self-care habits.

It means you can allow yourself to lean in to what you need.

Allowing is a gentle act, an act of compassion towards yourself.

Allowing doesn’t mean you should bash your head in for not taking care of yourself better before today.

That is self-sabotage.

Allowing means you look at yourself and ask, “What do I need to make today better? What do I need to give myself?”

Give yourself whatever the gentle whispered answer within is.

It is time to love yourself through self-care.

Allow yourself love in abundance, and your body will respond in kind. πŸ’œ

20 Replies to “A is for Allow

  1. Yikes, it was hard to find your site, buried in a lot of screens, but I've added you to feedly so hopefully easier next time. You might want to add a link to your comments πŸ™‚
    This was great 'tried and true' advice! We must love ourselves first if we want others to do the same.
    "Female Scientists Before Our Time"

    1. Did the link I posted in the comment fail? Very happy you found me though! πŸ™‚

      Can't wait to read about the other scientists on this A to Z journey! Are you by chance also writing about Maria Sibylla Merian? She is one of my scientific heroines πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent advice and as a get older, self care is very important to me.

    My theme this year, is about Baby boomers and the baby boom years we grew up in. Grab some cookies and milk, and come on over. Atomic Bombs

  3. totally agree- it was a huge revelation to me a couple years ago, that I could come home and spend a minute or two to listen to my mind/body and decide what it was that I actually wanted to do, rather than just doing what was habit or what was easiest. It was just starting to become easier, while I was living alone, and then I got a housemate. Now I have to learn to allow myself to choose to do what I want or need to do, rather than doing what is easiest for her.

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