What do you make room for?

I have been decluttering a lot over these past months, and that means that there is a lot more space for joy in the house.

I have found a little snag, though. I didn’t really know what I was making space for.

One would think that just having empty space would be enough, but I noticed that I started filling up empty spots with new stuff while decluttering. I needed a new measure.

I have a bullet journal for the house, with lists for every room. I check off what I do, and add things that I think of along the way. It is a very matter-of-fact, left brain kind of list.

I am adding a new notebook to this journal (it is in a traveler’s notebook so that’s easy). This will also have space for each room, but on those pages is space for dreams.

On each page, I will write, doodle or paste in whatever I make space for. What I envision for that particular room/area, and what I want the room to feel like when I enter.

I hope that this will help with keeping the joy and getting the clutter out of the way!

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